Sipture Bamboo Straws

The zero-waste alternative to polluting plastic straws. 

Organic and sustainable. Beneficial for the environment.

Eco brand based in Amsterdam.

Welcome to Sipture 🌿

Hello Bamboo-Friends!

Sipture was born with the ambition of creating a green and sustainable product that has a lasting positive impact on the planet. We are here to fight single-use plastic straws by providing an earth-friendly alternative, BAMBOO STRAWS.  

With SIPTURE, we want to reach out to more people and expand the idea of an earth-friendly way of living. We believe that reusable bamboo straws are the first step towards a more natural and responsible world.

The clock is ticking, our planet is getting more and more damaged every day. It is in our hands to take action, and it all starts with the small change of replacing single use plastic products.

Switch to Sipture Bamboo Straws now! 

Eco-friendly & Sustainable 

Plant-based straws

100% Plastic-free packaging

Responsible brand

''One step closer to a zero waste life''


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